Wellbeing Programme

Since its establishment in 2019, the Veteran Games and Conference has surpassed all expectations, evolving into a year-round charity that offers a diverse range of activities. Rather than focusing solely on organising the Veteran Games annual event, the charity is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and empowering veterans throughout their journeys.

One particularly noteworthy endeavour, introduced in June 2022, is the "Wellbeing Programme." This unique initiative brings veterans and audiences together to share their stories of rehabilitation. These candid conversations about their challenges and the importance of resilience have left a lasting impact on over 6,600 teenagers from various schools across the country, numerous Community Clubs, and various sectors in the business world. The ability of these veterans to connect with audiences on a personal level, a quality that "Experts" cannot replicate, has proven to be transformative and inspiring for people of all ages.

Among our remarkable veterans is Christopher Hayes, who has been actively involved with the programme since its inception. Christopher's personal journey of healing began after his medical discharge from the Royal Marines in 2017, during which he faced a multitude of mental health challenges. He openly shares his experiences with students, recounting how he felt "lost and heartbroken, desperately depressed, and alone." Through his participation as an ambassador and competitor in the Veteran Games project, as well as his role as an active speaker in the Wellbeing Programme, Christopher discovered a crucial component of his ongoing recovery. In addition to Christopher, the charity has collaborated with seven other veterans, providing them with training to effectively convey their impactful stories to a broader audience. The Wellbeing Programme has achieved remarkable success, and the plan is to expand this initiative to an even wider audience in 2024.

If you would like your school, community centre or business to participate in this programme please contact us here: