Our Wellbeing Programme

Since its inception in 2019, the Veteran Games and Conference has far exceeded all expectations, growing into an organisation that operates year-round, offering a diverse array of activities. The charity is not just about organising one big trip a year; the focus lies in creating meaningful connections and empowering veterans throughout their recovery journey.

One particularly noteworthy endeavour, introduced in June 2022, is the “Wellbeing Programme.” This unique initiative brings veterans and audiences together to share their stories of rehabilitation. These candid conversations about their challenges and the importance of resilience have left a lasting impact on over 7,600 (as of January 2024) teenagers from various schools across the country, numerous Community Clubs, and various sectors in the business world. The ability of these veterans to connect with audiences on a personal level, a quality that “Experts” cannot replicate, has proven to be transformative and inspiring for people of all ages.

Phil Eaglesham

Among our inspiring participants is Phil Eaglesham. Phil attended the Veteran Games along with his family in 2023. He is a former Royal Marine Commando, a Paralympic sport shooter, businessperson, and mental health campaigner. Phil served as a Corporal with the Royal Marines. Following his third tour of duty, Afghanistan in 2010, he was diagnosed with Q fever, which left him with chronic disabilities.

Phil was introduced to Para Shooting in 2012 and competed at the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016. In 2018, he competed in the World Shooting Para Sport Championships in South Korea and won a silver medal in the US Nationals held in Georgia. In 2019, he won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Australia, winning Ireland’s first ever World Championship medal in Para Shooting and qualifying him for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Married with three children, Phil is founder and project manager of Victor Mobility, specialising in elevated wheelchair design. He won the Institute of Engineering (IED) Alex Moulton Award 2018 for product innovation. A supporter of the Royal Family’s “Heads Together” campaign Phil is a keen advocate for mental health awareness.
Apart from Phil, the Charity has collaborated with seven other veterans so far, providing them with training on delivering their impactful stories to a broader audience.

Typically sessions last around one hour, including an introduction of the Charity, a UK Veteran sharing their inspiring story (along with images/videos) based around overriding messages of Resilience, Mental Health and Asking for Help.

The programme is fully funded at this time. However, Schools have the opportunity to make a contribution/donation (only if they can afford) which allows the charity to extend our Wellbeing programme into inner city and disadvantaged areas. Corporates/Organisations may also sponsor at a cost of £250.

If you would like your school, community centre or business to participate in this programme please contact us here:

Phil Eaglesham’s talk was a powerful and inspiring experience. His first hand accounts of military service resonated deeply, offering a profound insight into dedication and sacrifice. Phil’s ability to blend honesty with hope left an indelible mark, reminding me of the importance of resilience and the true meaning of service. I am grateful for the opportunity to have heard his compelling stories, and I carry with me a newfound appreciation for the values he embodies

Kings College
Such a wonderful experience and so moving. Thanks for organising. We must have him back.

Sam Adams  
Assistant Head of 6th Form at Latymer Upper School
We were thrilled to welcome Phil to Epsom College to speak. He was incredibly inspirational to the students. They loved learning about his new wheelchair design and were astounded about his condition and how deliberating it could potentially be. A lot of students came up afterwards to speak personally to him about his condition. Truly inspirational. Thanks for coming in and we will definitely get you back next year to talk to the new Lower 6th.

Sue Church-Jones  
Teacher at Epsom College
Jamie’s visit to our school was a deeply moving experience that left an enduring impact on all of us. His accounts of resilience, sacrifice, and service were not just stories; they were windows into a world of dedication and bravery. Jamie’s ability to connect with all the 6th form students, sharing the highs and lows of his journey, created an atmosphere of genuine understanding and respect.

Mia G  
JFS School